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Attend In Person

Arsha Drishti is located in Ocean Beach, San Diego.  Please contact Swamiji for location and directions.

Join From Computer


Or go to and enter Meeting ID: 408 905 6499

We use for online classes.  You can connect from any Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device.  The first time you connect you will be prompted to download and install a small application.  You don’t need to create an account to join the class.  This overview of zoom controls will show you how to stop and start your video, use chat, etc.  Please arrive online early the first day to ensure you have time to setup and understand Zoom controls

Please mute your microphone when not talking to reduce background noise.

Dial In

 US: (415) 762-9988 or (646) 568-7788

Meeting ID: 408 905 6499

International numbers available here

Tips for improving connection quality and stability during online classes:

  1. Use a hard-wired ethernet connection rather than Wi-Fi
  2. If using Wi-Fi,
    1. Choose a 5.0 GHz connection rather than 2.4 GHz
    2. Sit relatively close to the Wi-Fi router
    3. For UberGeeks: Log into your router and choose the least congested Wi-Fi channel
  3. Turn off background syncing & backup processes e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud etc on your computer
  4. Reduce streaming service and other household broadband usage during class, e.g. Netflix, online video games, etc
  5. Reboot your computer or tablet before class
  6. Power cycle your router before class
  7. Turn off your video camera during class
  8. Test your broadband speed HERE
    1. Compare to Zoom recommended speeds
    2. Investigate higher tier options available form your broadband provider that might faster connect speeds

All classes are open to everyone and free of charge.

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