TattvaBodha – Knowledge of Reality

तत्त्वबोधः Tattvabodhaḥ

Knowledge of Reality

Tattvabodha is a short text attributed to Śaṇkarācārya that introduces various teaching methods used in the Upaniṣads in a very concise and clear manner. It is the first book taught by Swami Dayananda in each of his 3-year residential Vedānta courses.  Tattvabodha unfolds the transformative vision of Vedānta, namely that you are already what you seek to become, while providing a strong foundation for further in-depth study.


Class 1 July 31, 2014  Download Audio

The struggle to become happy; Distraction and novelty; Desire prism; Perfect bubble bath; Pressure to become; Borrowed happiness; Get out of jail free card.

Class 2 August 7, 2014  Download Audio

Sentient toaster; Self-awareness, self-conclusion, self-inadequacy; Knot of the heart; Happiness triggers; Fire on the hill; Causeless joy; What bus do I catch?

Class 3 August 14, 2014  Download Audio

An inkling of freedom; Paperback knowledge; Puruṣārthāḥ – 4 pursuits; Drink ghee ’till you drop; Dharma – Just common sense; Ahiṃsā; Vāktapas; Locus of error; Thugs at dusk; Mumukṣutvam – My hair is on fire!; We are all Dorothy in the land of Oz; Green cheese moon; Believe? Experience? Create, acquire, transform, purify? Do I need wetter water?

Class 4 August 21, 2014  Download Audio

Our journey; Limited + limited = ?; The only search there is; A head over my shoulders; Attaining the attained; Six pramāṇa-s – How we know what we know; Body – a perceived thing; Did it rain?; If it quacks like a duck; An elephant in my hand; The 10th man; The end of my tether; When the teacher comes; Seeking denies the presence of the sought; What problem?; Ārṣa-dṛṣṭi = Guru-dṛṣṭi -> Śiṣya-dṛṣṭi; Holding up the mirror.

Class 5 August 28, 2014  Download Audio

Knower-known-means-knowledge; The power to veil and project; Indirect self-knowledge? There is no path; A curious predicament; Fiji Swami; Mangala Śloka; Who is the guru?; Parīkṣya lokān – Examining experience; Thinking in Sanskrit; Epistemological Jeopardy; Resolving into reality.

Class 6 September 4, 2014  Download Audio

Anubandhacatuṣṭayam – who, what, why & how;  Crystal ball gazing;  Sādhancatuṣṭayam – Adhikārī – Qualified student;  Yoga of Archery;  Primary Sādhana;  Śravaṇa  – Exposure to the means of knowledge;  Manana – Shaking to remove error, vagueness, doubt;  Nididhyāsana – Contemplation on the contemplator;  Secondary Sādhana – Preparing who you think are you;  Contemplation on the contemplator?;  Nothing here but conscious existence;  No complexity;  Ekam Advayam – One, Non-dual;  Burning out melodrama;  Compassion towards the wanting self;  No need to judge oneself by the obtaining condition of the mind.

Class 7  September 11, 2014   Download Audio

Viveka & Vairagya – Discriminative discernment and objectivity;  Disentanglement from the trivial;  Ephemeral things;   Tamboura of desire; Silence of fullness;  What I do and what I want;  Vastu – Here’s the thing;  Brahman – How big is big?  Nouns modify adjectives?  Red balloon austerities;  The imp of ahaṃkāra I-notion;  Abiding knowledge;  Equational tension;  Indirect knowledge of timelessness;  I am God, but how about you?

Class 8  September 18, 2014   Download Audio

Śama, Dama, Uparama, Titikṣā;  You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny;  A matter of choice;  Input & output;  Craving dead animals;  Svadharma;  Candy for breakfast;  Allowing thoughts to come, to go;  Transient-based meta-self-judgement, not;  Expression of mumukṣutvam;  My horse ran away;  Grant me serenity.

 Class 9  September 25, 2014   Download Audio

Order of emotions;   Compassion for our own and another’s predicament;  The cubical of this individual life;  Meta-emotions;  Welcoming anger;  Fearless compassion;  Ahaṃkāra & Tvaṃkāra;  Pigeonholing another;  Mental-emotional packages;  Sitting with a wise man;  You never meet the same person twice;  Are you a cat or a chicken?  Not bound by previous behavior;  Śraddhā – Trust in words of teaching and teacher;  Samādhānam – Absorption in a flow of thoughts;  Mumukṣutvam – Top of the leader board;  For a sādhu;  Student’s readiness provides opportunity for teacher to reveal what he sees;  A living vision;  Types of saṃnyāsa;  The role of a monk;  Dispassionate passion.

 Class 10  October 2, 2014   Download Audio

Sitting on Santa’s lap;  Ātma-anātma-vivekaḥ;  Discriminative inquiry into me and everything else;  Am I what I perceive?  Where did my soul go?  Oneness romanticism;  Radical non-duality;  The body is student housing;  My special superpower;  How did I become mortal?  Bionic little finger;  Eye of the eye;  Mind of the mind; Anyonyādhyāsa – Is fire round and heavy?;  I illumine all;  I accommodate all;  Thoughts leave no contrail;  Asangaḥ;   Accommodating 3-dimensionality;  Awareness is not antagonistic to erroneous self-notions;  Do not confuse limited experience with being limited.

Class 11  October 9, 2014   Download Audio

Identity;  Unexplored territory of who I am leaves a blank, filled in by the world;  Commitment to structure of individuality;  Hairy skin bag;  I fill roles;  Ted talk;  Disentanglement;   Present awareness of vast internal environment;  Untinged;  Thought worms;  Upanishad reality tale;  Satyam and mithyā;  Meet Mr Tuccham;  Square circles;  Ghaṭam solo in Ādi tālam;  Where did the pot go?  Name and form, centered on the tongue;  Notional reality;  World does not cover reality;  Incidental potness;  Clay, thoughts – No independent reality;  I am not hidden by thought;  All pursuits resolve in knowledge;  No accomplishment greater than recognizing that you are the truth of everything that is.

Class 12  October 16, 2014   Download Audio

Words to describe our notion of the nature of things;  Plastic flowers, wet water;  The emperor’s new clothes;  Mithyā – dependent reality;  Shifting the whole game;   I’ll take the gold;  1+1+1+1+1=1;  Real leptons?  No discontinuity of existence; Aham asmi – I exist; Aham bhāmi – I shine;  Do I need to remove thoughts to reveal conscious existence?  Transcend the shirt to see the fabric? Existence is the most personal thing that there is;    The only solid place to stand is on that ‘I Am’;  How do you talk about something from which nothing is separate;  Treating everything with the value that it has on the level that it is.

Class 13  October 23, 2014   Download Audio

Ātmā kaḥ – What is the self?  Joyful roles;  False self-assertions;  Transient notional ornamentation;  5 kośa-s – natural points of misidentification;  Raised consciousness?  I am not catching the train of thoughts, but stand on the platform observing;  Consciousness is not sticky;   The self requires no means of knowledge to be evident;  Luminosity of the mind is borrowed;  Pratibodhaviditam matam – The nature of ātmā is recognizable in every cognition;  Viśeṣaṇa become lakṣaṇā – adjective referencing a singularity reveals svarūpa, does not qualify;  Homework – look at where the I-thought lands;  3 śarīra-s & 5 kośa-s – models to encapsulate limited self notions;  Duḥkha & sukha vṛtti-s – happiness state-transition diagram;  I am free to have sad thoughts.

Class 14  December 11, 2014   Download Audio

Incidental criteria-based self-definitions;  Rascal “I”-notion;  4-fold qualifications – internal context for clarity of knowledge;  “I” + x = happiness, security;  Solving for x with kāma, artha, dharma = saṃsāra;  Industries of inadequacy;  Everything is an ornament to my gold;  Always experienced, I am mistakable;  Shiny shell-silver and rope-snakes are basis for binding likes and dislikes – rāga & dveṣa;  Laboratory of experience;  3 bodies, 5 kośa-s, 3 states of experience – I am the knower, all else is known;  Gross-subtle-causal body continuum, the not-me is mithyā;  What is is sat-cit-ānanda-svarūpaḥ;  Materialistic vs spiritual views of consciousness; Borrowed moonlight; Getting sucked into the vacuum of my transactional reality; Sitting with the vision, training the ahaṃkāra.

Class 15  December 18, 2014   Download Audio

Where to draw the line between I and this?;  Context setting; If I am not the body, where is mortality for me?;  The self is never covered;  Just try to get rid of consciousness; Dehātmabuddhiḥ; Sat-cit-ānanda-svarūpaḥ; Consciousness-existence lends itself to all experiences; What timeframe do we use to define now?;  I am the truth of this moment;  Capital B bliss?;  At-home-ness;  Discovering the non-wanting person, svarūpānanda, the search stops;  Satyaṃ jñānam anantaṃ brahma; Ānanda, pūrṇatvam, gifted to us by Mother Śruti with the knowledge that I am already what I seek;  All creation is just entertainment;  Rarity of human birth;   Redefining the I-thought;  As-though going about my business;  Big transformation of understanding to disentangle me from not-me.

Class 16  January 8, 2015   Download Audio

A teacher is able to show the student that the student doesn’t have the problem he thinks he has;  What do you mean by “I”;  Ātmā is both known and unknown – that’s the rub;  I am always here;  Locked and loaded, and ready for trouble;  Tools to pry our self-identity away from the anātmā;  Neti-chisel;  If ātmā were totally transcendent there would be no mokṣa, freedom;  Tangible body;  Made of inert materials;  Determined by karmaphalam;  A rental;  Here as a guest;  Karma-yogī opportunities for emotional growth;  All is grace;  6 natural modifications;  Subtle body;  Monkey body – monkey thoughts;  Anthropomorphization;  5 inputs;  5 outputs;  5 systems;  Emotions;  Decisiveness;  Am I 17 or 19?

Class 17  January 15, 2015   Download Audio

1/2 + (4 * 1/8);  Resolving microcosm into macrocosm;  Getting a handle on anātmā;  Knocking on every door;  From the obvious to subtle;  Is God a clock-maker or finger-poker?  Abhinna-nimitta-upādāna-kāraṇam;  No belief in God, only God;  Do I limit God?;  Pot-makers & spiders;  Devatā-s;  Splatter-prayers;  No discontinuity between Bhagavān and anything in my experience; Gaṇeśa;  Greasing the skids;  From tamas to rajas to sattva;  Creation and character;  Realigning incongruities between values and actions; Triguṇātmakamāyā;  Spontaneous dharma;  Table run-aways;  Emotional tapes;  Frequency, intensity, duration;  Hoarders;  Joy – an adaptive evolutionary mechanism;  Endless lifetimes;   Satsang and śravaṇam;  Beating up saints; Extrication from saṃsāritvam.

Class 18  January 22, 2015   Download Audio

The goat ate it;  5 Prāṇas;  Ritual invokes the inner devotee; Naivedyam & grace;  Where the rubber hits the road;  Tangible, intense, real?;  Mensa or Densa?  Given givens;  Genetic or environmental karmajanyam;  Influencing expression of karmic predispositions;  Resistance or acceptance?  9-fingered person, 10-fingered world;  Promoting sattvaguṇa, calmness, generosity, open heart;  Acceptance and change;  Karmaphaladātā;  Constrained heart;  Beady eyes;  Transforming anger into love;  Intention and prayer;  No fear, no condemnation;  Even faults are vibhūti;  Honoring this incarnation;  Creation – transformation from unmanifest to manifest state;  Redwood fog;  Great consternation in my soul;  The Lord’s compression algorithm; Beginningless ignorance; Māyā.

Class 19  January 29, 2015   Download Audio

Kāraṇaśarīra – Causal body;  Ignorance is neither real nor unreal; Mysterious causes;  Try to cut space with a knife;  Huge vistas of ignorance;  Three states of experience – waking, dreaming, deep sleep; Om;  I inform all experience, undefined;  Remove the wave to see the water?  I never wake, because i never sleep;  Uninterruptible consciousness;  Fully dressed;  Two core identities – doer & experiencer;  Dream analysis;  Emotional knots & reactivity;  Unconscious;  Gentle alertness;  Laws of the heart;  Fully formed dreamer;  Dream Lord – maker and material;   Liberated while dreaming;  Achilles’ heel;  Fragile assumptions;  Dream bricks hurt;  In its own time;  Snoring;  Fire of corporate sādhana.

Class 20  February 5, 2015   Download Audio

Avasthātrayasākṣī; Abiding, unchanging, presence in 3 mutually-exclusive states of experience; Viśva – Waker; Firing on all 3 bodies; Taijasa – Dreamer, effulgent one; Confusing the tangible with the real;Mustached dream dogs; Prājña – Deep sleeper; Potential me; Recollecting the collected; Happily ignorant; Nothing to write home about; Self not intrinsically witness; Nityaśuddhātmā; Fearlessly fearful; Upādhi – as though qualifying; Red crystals; No new experience needed; Understand truth present in all experiences; Blasphemy; What is Upaniṣad;  No place to go; Śāstra-guru-śiṣya-dṛṣṭiḥ – Scripture-teacher-student-vision; Catching up the mind;  Acceptance and effecting change; Listening for svadharma; Effectiveness; Reveling in the mystery of Bhagavān;

Some class audio recordings pending


Medha Dakshinamurti

 ँ़ नमो भगवते दक्षिणामूर्तये मह्यं श्रियं मेधां प्रज्ञां प्रयच्छ स्वाहा ।।

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