PratahSmanaram 1.2


The Prātas-Smaraṇa-Stotram is an invitation to our own awakening.  This hymn of just three verses unfolds the entire vision of Advaita Vedanta in the form of a morning meditation on the the truth of oneself.  Begin the day by resting in the essential silent presence which you are, empowering yourself to greet the day with compassion and fearlessness.  Classes include the unfoldment of its meaning as well as learning to recite the chant.




Class 1 December 3, 2015  Download Audio

Teaching tradition; The flow of knowledge; Chanting practice; Lord’s wakeup call; An invitation for our own awakening; Contemplation on oneself; Turning the tables on meditation; Backing into meditation; Non-objectifieable self; Intention and attention; Bookending; Struggle for transformation; Spackle for the soul; Tacos; Utter transformation through recognition of the non-transforming-free; Where the rubber meets the road; Non-verbal, non-visual appreciation; Presence of being; No discontinuity of being; That-ness; Mirror of the heart; Cascade of thought; The color of consciousness; Clown cars; Pizza bliss; Who is the true beloved; A totally gnarly goose; How do I “reach” myself; Bald-man’s haircut; World is a scoundrel; Where the wise go to retire

Class 2 December 10, 2015  Download Audio

A constant thread of experience; Dream Lord, dream character; Elbowing aside; Groundhog’s day; Untouched by particularities; Virtual world avatar; Truth never leaves; BOOM; Dark rooms; Nothing to see here, move along; Dinosaurs; To inhabit and inform; Garland of every day experience; No ripple in my presence; Starting from where we are; Truth is a zeptosecond; Ramana Maharshi; Resolving into the present; Counting without one; Laughable; Einsteinian thought experiments; Like a bad movie; Slicing & dicing existence; Unapproachable truth; Relish; Rainbow colored cats; Where the buck stops; How dare we use words; Cinmudra; Luminary of luminaries; Borrowed consciousness; Mystery of my being; I am experience itself; Pots resolving into clay; Neti neti; Falsely limiting superimpositions; Extricating identify from incidentals; Dream cities; Unvanishing; Incidental projections

Class 3 December 17, 2015  Download Audio

Surrendering in knowledge; We lack no experience of reality; Working memory; Loading the ātmā; Input mechanisms; Mutual superimposition; Orange crystals; Transcending darkness; Tamaso mā jyotir gamaya; Brilliance of the sun; Aware-er; Backing into the most subtle; Provisional witness; Shoe-horning the self; Goldilocks; Illumined ignorance; Swahili; Fullness; From which nothing is separate; Monopod Cyclops; By whom worlds are filled; Nothing happens in a reflected city; Dream bacteria; Jumpstart vision for the day; Grounding self-identity; Free and fearless; The last dance; The domain for language; Non-self stuff


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