Discovering Harmony in Life – Buenos Aires Anniversary Talk

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A talk by

Swami Advayatmananda Saraswati

Arsha Vidya, Argentina 26th Anniversary Celebration
Buenos Aires, Argentina

May 15, 2016

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Swami Advayatmananda was invited by Swamini Vilasananda to Buenos Aires, Argentina to speak at the 26th anniversary celebration of Arsha Vidya Argentina. While there Swamiji taught Dṛg Dṛśya Viveka during a weekend retreat and also gave number of talks at various locations throughout the city. Topics included:

  • Prāptasya Prāptiḥ – Attaining The Already Attained
  • Īśvara & Jīva Sṛṣṭi – Objectivity, Subjectivity, and Self-Compassion 
  • The Sādhana & Sādhya – The Spiritual Search, Means and End
  • The Meaning of Namaste – Honoring Non-Duality
  • The Vedic Equation – Vision of Freedom

Read more about the anniversary celebration in the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam Newsletter HERE

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The audio recordings of the anniversary talk, the weekend retreat, and Swamiji’s talks around town, including the Spanish translation are planned to be made available.


Buenos Aires DrgDrshyaVivieka Seminar 2016

Swamiji, Swamini Vilasananda and Retreat Students

Swamiji teaching at retreat

Swamiji teaching at retreat












Swami A Satsang

In Satsang

Retreat 2

Class with Swamiji

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