Arsha Drishti Virtual Library

TheArsha Drishti Virtual Library is a modest initiative to aggregate and make easily available public-domain texts pertaining to Advaita Vedanta, Sanskrit and related disciplines drawing from a variety of sources.  Although initiative is a work in progress, there are currently over 800 documents available.  Primary Vedānta-prasthāna-traya, Sanātana-dharma and Sanskrit texts have been posted.  Better curation is pending.

Vedānta and Sanskrit Texts

* =  Primary Vedānta Texts


शब्दकोशः Dictionaries


Naming Conventions

Many texts (but not all yet) are tagged to quickly identify the type of content according to the following:

  • skt: Sanskrit language in Devanagari script
  • xlit: Sanskrit language transliterated into Roman (English) script
  • xlat: Translated into English language
  • eng: English prose
  • wfw: word-for-word gloss
  • BW / Color: Black and white / color (sometimes one is easier to read than the other)
  • 2-up / 3-up:  2 column / 3 column format

Document Formats

Most texts are in .pdf format, some are in .doc or .txt.  A number of larger texts are in .djvu format which is lighter weight than .pdf which makes scrolling through the larger texts such as dictionaries much more pleasant. Download .djvu readers here.


Content will be updated periodically.  We intend to post no copyrighted material. If you would like to get update notifications follow Arsha-Drishti on Twitter or Facebook.

Please contact if have trouble accessing the library, or would like to contribute.

Coming Soon

  • व्याकरणम् – Sanskrit Grammar (Pāṇinīya)
  • व्याकरणम् – Sanskrit Grammar (Western)
  • Talks by Pujya Swami Dayananda
  • Sanskrit teaching materials
  • Links to other online Vedanta and Sanskrit resources


  • v 0.3 Sep 2 2014
    • Added English & links directly into library
    • Added शब्दकोशाः – Dictionaries
  • v 0.2 May 14 2014 Initial Web release – Vedanta texts
  • v 0.1 Oct 16 2013 Initial preliminary (disk) release


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