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Advaita Vedanta Recordings of Swami Advayatmanada




Knowledge of Reality

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Tattvabodha is a short text attributed to Śaṇkarācārya that clearly and concisely unfolds the entire vision of Advaita Vedanta by means of traditional teaching approaches introduced by the sages of ancient India. Tattvabodha unfolds the transformative vision of Vedanta, namely that you are already what you seek to become, while providing a strong foundation for further in-depth study.  It is the first book taught by Pujya Swami Dayananda in each of his 3-year residential Vedanta courses.  Classes are accompanied by guided meditations.



Awakening to Non-Dual Reality – A Chant at Dawn

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The Prātas-Smaraṇa-Stotram is an invitation to our own awakening.  This hymn of just three verses unfolds the entire vision of Advaita Vedanta in the form of a morning meditation on the the truth of oneself.  Begin the day by resting in the essential silent presence which you are, empowering yourself to greet the day with compassion and fearlessness.  Classes include the unfoldment of its meaning as well as learning to recite the chant.  Classes are accompanied by guided meditations.

Kaivalya Upaniṣad

The Vision of Oneness

The Kaivalya Upaniṣad is an ancient sacred text of India which unfolds the vision of  Advaita, non-duality, oneness without a second, along with the means to attain this transformative vision.  Themes of trust, devotion, experience, knowledge, and renunciation are explored.  Instruction is given in meditation upon formless reality, the self which is ever-present in the cave of the heart, as well as upon the expression of the sacred with form.  Finally, the deeply personal vision of identity with the limitless is ecstatically expressed by the student upon the clear understanding of the teaching Tat Tvam Asi, “You are That”.

Classes begin February 2016 and will be available here.

Public Talks

Seeking Resolution: The Resolution of Seeking

An Introduction to Advaita Vedanta

(Presented as Brahmacārī Daksha Chaitanya prior to Swamiji’ Saṃnyāsa-Dīkṣā as Swami Advayatmananda Saraswati)

Marundeeshvara Temple, Chennai, India,  November 19, 2014

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Curious creatures; Google and gossip; Excruciating secrets; Sudoku; Inherent tension; Love of resolution; Checking off to-do’s; Kṛtakṛtyaḥ; Ragam & Talam – improvisation within structure; Getting a job; Jijñāsā; Dress rehearsal; Where do I place my attention?; Solving the right problem; “I” + x = Happiness; Solve for x; Searching for security and pleasures; Śobhanādhyāsa; Laddu happiness; The fundamental universal human problem; Saṃsāra – an endless struggle to become; Quiet desperation; Inquiry into happiness; Resolution into the tonic; Discovering freedom; You are even now what you are seeking; Crazy talk; Examining my experiences; Impermanent means, impermanent ends; The power of ignorance; Who is the guru? Seeing the rope; Touching water; Approaching a teacher; Microcosm & macrocosm; Radical identity; Apparent difference; The joy of living

Who is Rudra? Yagna:

Expression of Our Infinite Love for the Limitless Lord

 Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago, June 7, 2015 

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Audacity; Vedic knowledge tradition; Encouraging questions; Knowability; Means of knowledge; Śrī Rudram leads one from alienation and fear to wholeness; 3-fold presentation – Sarveśvara – Lord of all, Sarvātmā – Self & cause of all, Antaryāmī – Essence and order underlying all; Discovery of innate limitlessness; Even anger is within order; Fair-weather bhakta; Idli love; Guru-wave; Limitless expresses as love; The more I bring Īśvara into my life, the closer I am to reality; Journey of a prayerful life; Rudro’ham – I am in truth the most auspicious, limitless Lord; Life is a celebration of this fact.

The Meaning of Namaste 

(Presented as Brahmacārī Daksha Chaitanya prior to Swamiji’ Saṃnyāsa-Dīkṣā as Swami Advayatmananda Saraswati)

Ocean Beach, California, May 1, 2014 

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Reverential acknowledgment;  Bag of bones;  Where do the “I” and “You” land?;  What separates us?  Orders of reality;  Undivided existence;  Where do we meet?  Recognition of the sacred;  There is no other.



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