Two New Beginning Chanting & Sanskrit Classes Starting March 22 & 26


A painless introduction to the Sanskrit language and chanting.  Classes will cover the alphabet, proper pronunciation, Devanāgarī script, grammar, vocabulary, translation and reading.  This class will lay the groundwork for you to begin reading and learning to chant the Bhagavad Gītā, as well as various stotras, mantras, etc.

Each class begins with one half hour of Sanskrit chanting instruction followed by one hour of Sanskrit language instruction. The intention is to progress at a comfortable pace to lay a solid foundation upon which to build.  There will be some small amount of homework required to stay on top of the material.

The same material will be presented in both the Tuesday and Saturday classes. You are welcome to attend either one. It is fine if you would like to attend both at anytime to review the lesson again, though there is no guarantee the two classes will stay exactly in sync over time.

No prior experience is needed. All classes are free of charge.  Donations accepted.

Days & Times

  • Weekly Class begin March 22 & 26
  • Tuesdays 5:30 PM
  • Saturdays 11:00 AM

Check your local time.


Please test your ability to connect to zoom prior to the day of class.  You can ensure your microphone, and preferably video as well, are working properly by clicking on Zoom Settings.  There are also call-in options.  Contact Swamiji if you run into difficulties


Introduction to Sanskrit Part 1 by Thomas Egenes

निर्भयो भव !  Nirbhayo Bhava ! Have No Fear ! This text is a gentle introduction to the Sanskrit language.  It is well paced and introduces aspects of the language in parallel over several chapters so as not to overwhelm with too much information while keeping the lessons interesting.

The text is available in paperback on Amazon, though it might be less expensive elsewhere.  Contact Swamiji for more information or if you have trouble obtaining the text or can not afford it.  It will not be needed for the first few sessions.

Supplementary material we will be using in class for the first few classes is available for download HERE.  Swamiji will be sharing his computer screen with the class materials in both locations during the classes as well.

Class Format

The first two or three sessions will include a brief introduction to the language followed by presentation of the alphabet and proper pronunciation. Please attend these sessions even if you already know Hindi, the Sanskrit alphabet, Devanāgarī, etc as critical foundational information will be presented necessary for both the chanting and Sanskrit grammar study.

After these introductory sessions each class will begin with 30 minutes of chanting instruction class followed by 1 hour of Sanskrit instruction.


The first three chants we will cover will be used at the beginning and end of each class.  The high-level explanation of the meaning and grammar will also help introduce facets of the language:

  • Sarasvatī-Śloka – Prayer to the Goddess of learning, knowledge, and arts
  • Sahanāvavatu – Peace mantra invoking clarity in learning and teaching
  • Pūrṇamadaḥ – The entire vision of non-duality in one mantra
  • Svasti-Mantra – Universal Peace Prayer
  • Tryambaka-Mantra – Prayer for mokṣa (liberation) and relief of suffering

There are many options available to us after this. Please let Swamiji know if you have any special interests.

Additional Sanskrit Classes

For those of you with some background in Sanskrit you may wish to drop in on the Intermediate Sanskrit class or the Bhagavad Gītā Śāṅkara Bhāṣya reading class to see if it meets your level of experience and needs.



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